Our goal at WOOLSTY CRAFTS is to provide a place that has a relaxed, creative atmosphere, where you feel able to discuss your ideas and browse the stock without feeling under scrutiny or pressure. We want to provide a professional yet friendly and down to earth service. We work hard to deliver the assistance and advice that our customers need and with many years of experience we can usually come up with at least one solution to many different quandaries. Why not contact us and see how we can help you today.

Woolsty Crafts Family

Sandra and Margaret

Sandra I am proud the owner of Woolsty crafts and have crafted all of my life, from basic toy making as a young girl, through to crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, tapestry and knitting as I grew up. As a teenager, young mum and then teacher I found crafting to be both a stress busting escape as well as a way of creating unique and personal things to wear, use or give to loved ones. I left teaching in order to pursue a new dream, which is to promote new ideas and techniques as well as keeping the traditional crafts alive.

Margaret is my Mum and as a younger woman was an accomplished tailor, working from home and then teaching at evening classes, before becoming a full time teacher. In the 90s she developed and managed a community based recycling project. It could be said that she has never worked far away from creating things, be it actual garments, soft furnishings or solutions to problems. Margaret can sew and knit and is an absolute whizz at finding “out of the box” answers to “What will I use for…….?” style questions.